Important Note

PB365 will cater current Photo Booth owners only. For non-photo owners, please call us before booking.

Photo Booth 365

PhotoBooth 365 serves all of southern California with the most affordable and convenient Photo Booth rental experience. We strive to eliminate the factors that make renting a Photo Booth difficult and stressful. We’ve managed to cut down rental cost to a very affordable budget with out cutting any corners. Photobooth 365 is here to serve you and your event with ease and comfort. Feel free to visit us at our warehouse and office location.

With our unbeatable photo booth rentals starting at just, $150/Day, we are now vastly becoming the “go-to” rental company for all of your special occasions.

Not only do we offer photo booth rentals, we have a wide selection of rentals for DJs. Photobooth 365 now offers the most crazed LED Dance Floors and LED Curtain rentals!

PhotoBooth 365 is currently looking for new cities to branch out to. Look for us to be in your local and surrounding cities soon.

Photo Booth 365 How it Works