Important Note

PB365 will cater current Photo Booth owners only. For non-photo owners, please call us before booking.

Step 1. Reserve your photo booth system and accessory item online.
Please check the availability of your desired item before reserving it.
Reservation fee and availability of each item shown in every page.
Please bear in mind that the amount you are paying online is only the reservation fee and will be deducted on the balance.
Remaining amount shall be paid on the counter when you pick up the item.
Upon checkout, please also indicate the desired date you wish to rent the item on.

Step 2. An email shall be sent indicating the following:
– confirmation of your payment
– confirmation of your reserved date and item
– pick up date of the reserved item

Step 3.  Choose a template our our template store (free) and tell us the template # and your custom “text message” you want on the template.

Step 4. Pick the item from our branch a day before your event.  Use the item and have fun.

Step 5. Return the item to the branch the next day after your event.