Important Note

PB365 will cater current Photo Booth owners only. For non-photo owners, please call us before booking.



Important Note  

PB365 will cater current Photo Booth owners only.

For non-photo owners, please call us before booking.

Why do a photo booth with out a back drop?
Rent this Silver Sequins Back Drop Kit. It is guaranteed to be a hit on your party.
This includes 2 Telescopic Poles, 2 Base Plates and 1 Cross Bar

Rent it now before your date runs out


Our rental is on per day basis. What that means to you is savings. Instead of renting the normal hourly rate, you rent on a daily basis.
Think of it as renting a car. You reserve your booth online and pay the small Non-refundable deposit and your all set. You’re guaranteed to have a photo booth at your special event.

So what are you waiting for? Click buy it now and reserve your Back Drop Now.


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